We wrapped up a super fun event on Saturday. Thanks to all 22 of you who came out to the second qualifier for the CPCS! Big shout out to Paranoia Pinball for hosting, and being generous with holding some parking spots during a large event down the street!

The finals was a whirlwind of movement but after a tie breaker with Jakub I ended up coming out on top! Top 4 in the open were Kaylee Campbell, Jakub Patterson, Cody Webb, and Nate Grant. Top 2 earned an instant qualification spot for the finals, and all participants received series qualification points. Deanna Gerard came in as the top finisher for the women’s qualifiers. Congrats Deanna! You have an instant qualification for women’s finals!

Additionally, we ran a high score competition on Hot Wheels with Frederick Richardson taking home the top score. You scared everyone away with that first entry Fred! Results will be up on the website soon at https://cpcs.papa.org/current-standings/ . Please let me know if you see any discrepancies.

The next event is back in South Carolina at the Fellowship Clubhouse on Saturday, October 9th. I hope to see a lot of competitors return and some new entrants into the series!

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