The first CPCS Qualifier is done and gone! We had 36 competitors battling it out and in the end Frederick Richardson took 1st place! Following him are Nate Grant in 2nd, and Bill Mason in 3rd, which is also the cutoff for the top 10% INSTANT Finals qualifiers next May. Everyone will also be receiving series points towards qualifying which will be available on the Current Standings page. It was a really fun atmosphere and I really enjoyed playing and talking with everyone! I also took a lot of notes to ensure each qualifying event will run smoother and with better clarity on the rules for all players. Thank you Bang Back Pinball Lounge for hosting and Deanna Gerard for doing all of the heavy lifting as the Tournament Director!

Women’s Qualifier Results! For women who opted into the additional qualifying: The results from Sunday’s tournament are also calculated in qualifying series points for the women’s finals event, which will be the day after open finals. Congrats to Mia Henderson for taking the top slot and earning herself an instant qualification to the finals!

The current cash pool is as follows. We are still looking for more sponsorships and the pots will grow with every event.

Open Event 1:

Event# PlayersEstimatedActualCollected?IFPAPayoutFinals

Womens Event 1:

Event# PlayersEstimatedActualCollected?Finals

Open Finals Prize Pool: $744 (entries plus sponsors)

Womens Finals Prize Pool: $55 (entries only so far)

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