Ok, someone fire me from the social media position at CPCS lol, if anyone is interested in helping with the series this year or future years please let me know!

The event at Wilmington took place a week late after a slight weather condition…. Congrats to Brian Stubbs on taking 1st and an instant qualifier for finals! Christina Capra came in 2nd taking the second instant qualification spot, as well as first for womens and a qualifier there! Dylan Lipscomb and Tory MacQueen took 3rd and 4th.

Thanks to all the players for continuing to battle in this series and helping a larger format tournament take shape in the Carolinas. We now have 89 unique qualifiers in the open standings, and 24 in womens. I am now comfortable making Women’s finals a top 16 qualifier format, with the top 4 getting a bye through the first round. I will publish all the finals details soon on the website.

Thanks again to Player 1UP Rock Hill and Carolina Pinballs (https://www.carolinapinballs.com/) for their sponsorship of the series! Check them both out when you can! The finals cash pot is now over $2400!!!!

All standings are current:Openhttps://cpcs.papa.org/current-standings/Womens https://cpcs.papa.org/womens-standings/Next event is Saturday Feb 26 at 12:30 PM back in Charlotte at Paranoia Pinball. Doors open at 12 pm. Hope to see a lot of you there!! A single 8th place finish gets you to the cutoff line, so its going to be beneficial to get more than 1 qualifier in to secure your spot in finals!